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Caboolture Microlights is a flying school and club based, as our name suggests, at Caboolture Aerodrome just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

We fly weightshift microlight aircraft (also known as trikes) and fixed wing ultralights like these ...

   Airborne microlight trike in flight    Micro Aviation Bantam   

The flying school is a fully accredited Recreational Aviation Australia  (RA-Aus) Flight Training Facility and provides a comprehensive range of tuition including -

  •   Trial instructional flights
  •   Ab-initio (no previous flying experience)
  •   Full-time intensive courses
  •   Conversions for pilots from other disciplines
  •   Endorsements
  •   Biennial flight reviews
  •   Flight Instructor courses

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible quality microlight training and  believe that our range of experience is second to none in Australia. We operate only modern aircraft which are fully insured.

We also operate a "Satellite" Flight Training Facility at Hedlow airfield just outside Rockhampton so Central Queensland residents (or visitors to the area) can now enjoy the flight experience with us.

You are only going to learn once so why not do it right ?

Airborne microlight trike landing

Our local flying area must be one of the most beautiful in Australia with the Glasshouse Mountains nearby and Moreton & Stradbroke Islands within a few minutes trike flying time.

glasshouse mountains aerial photo from trike  tangalooma aerial photo from microlight

Caboolture Microlights Club is an informal group of past, present & future microlight pilots from Brisbane & the South East Queensland region. Although it has been in existence for 16 years, it is not an official organisation so there are no joining fees, no club officers and few, if any, organised meetings although we do produce a quarterly newsletter "HangarTalk". 
All that is really needed to join us is an interest in microlights & ultralights.

  The club aims to :-
  • share knowledge and experience amongst local trike pilots
  • encourage safe & responsible trike flying 
  • promote trikes to new participants
  • have as much fun as possible
Airborne microlight trike banking

We hope you enjoy the brief glimpse into our passion shown on these pages. If it inspires you to find out more - get in touch !

Now available for training 7 days/week

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