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To advertise items on this page (for free) contact John. It is a website about trikes though so please don't bother sending adverts for all the tat you have cluttering up your garage / shed / spare bedroom (unless its related to flying).


  AIRBORNE XT582 Outback Tundra 

Genuine 22 hours only !
Lynx intercom, Vertex radio, training bars, stone net and two helmets.
Custom heavy duty trike and wing bag covers plus Punkinhead cover for rigged wing.

Wing has a few stains on the sail, some corrosion and pitting of tubes hence VERY realistic pricing for a quick sale.

Owner has emigrated so aircraft must be sold.

Xt582 outback

xt582 outback xt582 outback 
Contact John at Caboolture Microlights for details




Only 57 hours and 12 months old.
Black trike with rear disc brake option and includes Microair radio, Lynx intercom and 2 headsets, 2 flying suits, 2 helmets, jerry cans, dust covers and other bits & pieces so nothing extra needed to start your flying. Continued hangarage may be available at Caboolture Airfield.

Save $$$ on price of a new trike !

Frank XT582

Frank_XT582_2       Frank XT582

Frank contact


  AIRBORNE Outback Tundra 

50 hours only.
All options installed - air intake box, ceramic coated exhaust, electric start.
Streak 2B wing - minor (canine) damage to wing bag and one flying wire.
Trike and wing covers, trailer and 2 kevlar helmets.

All reasonable offers considered

Dan Outback

Dan Outback       Dan Outback

Daniel contact



Note - Second-hand aircraft advertised here are being sold by their respective owners not by Caboolture Microlights school or club.

Before an aircraft can be registered to the new owner, it must be inspected by an approved person and a report filed with RA-Aus. This service is available from Caboolture Microlights but we strongly recommend that you arrange an inspection before you commit to the purchase. Contact us if you would like to arrange one of these.

Some second hand trikes which appear to be bargains might  require expensive repairs or replacement parts before they are fit to fly. It's not unheard of for these costs to exceed the price of the plane. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) !

 John Cresswell  2009-2014